1st Transnational Project Meeting

The first transnational project meeting on the HoReCa Zero Waste Enhancing the access to OERs and greening the curricula project was held on May 14, 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The meeting was organized by the project coordinator – Level H and was attended by representatives of all partners, one of them online.
It was held with the following agenda:
– Presentation of project partners
– Presentation of project activities. Updates.
– Administrative details
– Discussion
– Sharing ideas on development of the educational resources
– Exchange of know-how

Participants had the opportunity to present their organization, team, and capacity. This introduction confirmed the fact that the partnership is made up of quality members with extensive experience and also revealed that some partners have more, shared experience that the project can benefit from.
Project activities, ongoing implementation, and each partner’s tasks and responsibilities were discussed.
The 2nd TPM is planned for November 04, 2022. According to the project schedule, it will be held in Zaragoza, Spain, and will be hosted by INNETICA.
After the meeting, the partners were invited to dinner, during which they shared experiences and got to know each other better.