INNETICA hosted the 2nd TPM which took place on November 4th, 2022 in Zaragoza, Spain.
The following topics were included in the agenda of the meeting:

  • Updates of project activities
  • Questionnaires discussion
  • Education resources progress
  • Follow up and plan
  • Discussion: Book dates for next meetings (Malta, Zagreb, Athens)

The first project result was presented: Review of educational curricula for adaptation of educational content in digital environment.
Based on a questionnaire, with the active participation of all partners, a document summarizing the results of the study was prepared. The basic survey includes a review and overview of existing curricula in the professions of „Cook“ and „Waiter“, as major professions in the field of personal services. The results of this first phase will be used to develop educational content, adapt it to the digital environment, and integrate it with new waste management training content.
A methodology for adapting the curriculum is being developed content in the digital environment and its integration with new educational content related to waste management. The document is intended for experts and trainers and will be completed by the end of November.
Based on the results of Activity 1, the partners will begin the development of:
Written content, consist of:

  • Trainers guidelines (cook and waiter);
  • Learners guidelines (cook and waiter).

Video content including tutorial video short movies.

Following the project schedule, the partners decided that TPM 3 will be held in April, 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia.

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