Level H Ltd is a registered VET provider and a registered center for information and vocational guidance holding a License No. 201014006 issued by the Bulgarian National Agency for Vocational Education and Training. In the period 2010-2022 Level H Ltd has provided training and consultation services to over 3000 unemployed persons, including:

• Motivational training;    • Vocational guidance and counseling;

• Labor market mediation services;   • Provision of internships and employment;
• Setting up a workplace.

The Bulgarian Industrial Association

Union of the Bulgarian Business is a non-governmental organization founded on the 25 th of April 1980, Bulgaria. BIA is a nationally recognized organization of employers and participates with its representatives in the operation of all national consultative councils, supervisory and managing bodies of state public institutions.


Skills Zone Malta co. Limited

A training hub of professional trainers with seventeen years of experience in the field of Entrepreneurship, personal development and soft skills, training people in both f2f and online environment and EU funded programmes. Skills Zone offer specific training in Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Problem Solving, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Interpersonal Skills, Marketing, Goal setting, Social media and Leadership & Management. Focused on experiential learning, therefore our soft skills training courses involve “learning by doing” using state-of -the art infrastructure for exercises and real-world simulations. This extensive hands-on experience in Soft Skills Training (SST) ensures that one absorbs the knowledge and skills they will need in their everyday life. 



Founded in 2009, INNETICA is a non-profit association (NGO) whose mission is to promote cooperation between entities across Europe to promote European values in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union. Its mission is to promote social innovation projects, in addition to developing educational projects and teaching activities.


Innovation Frontiers IKE

Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology & research company whose main target is to develop new educational approaches through working in close cooperation with educational institutions, such as universities, schools, adult & vocational centers, and educational-oriented NGOs.


TIR Consulting Group j.d.o.o

TIR via its founders and international manager Rajesh Pathak has been working with various projects across vocational, adult, and youth education across EU27. Specifically, as a member of the European Learning Network, we have promoted and conducted programs related to entrepreneurship among youth, NEETs, and disadvantaged people.



New Island Ltd. is a fast growing organization, registered in 2011 in Sofia with the activity of restaurants and fast food establishments. Given the sector’s shortage of skilled staff and changing customer preferences, one of the company’s main goals is to upgrade staff knowledge and skills to be more competitive in the labor market, following new trends and changes in the sector.