• Waste training

    HoReCa Zero Waste Training

    LTT event on “HoReCa Zero Waste” was held in Sofia, in the period 16-21 October 2023.
    The event was held for the purpose of studying and practical utilization of the developed educational resources and software modules, cooperation, exchange of experience and best practices.
    HoReCa Zero Waste training was organized by the project coordinator Level H, with the support of the other Bulgarian partners.
    The event was both theoretical and practical and provided an opportunity to enrich participants’ knowledge and skills on sustainable and responsible food waste management in the HORECA sector.
    Opportunities for exchanging experiences and networking among participants were formed, fostering future partnerships and collaborations.

    Day 1

    The programme on the first day included an overview of the curriculum for the professions of “Cook” and “Waiter”. Presentation of guidelines for adapting educational content to a digital environment. Example topics in the field of food waste management. The specifics of online training at each stage of its delivery.

    Day 2

    The theoretical part continued on the second day, where the participants were given individual tasks related to the food waste management curriculum for “Cook” and “Waiter”. This helped to better understand the objectives of the training course and to participate more actively in it. The video content created – a short video tutorials “How to reduce food waste?” – was also presented.

    Day 3

    On day 3 the focus was on the e-learning platform. In particular, the module for trainers was reviewed and tested including: profile creation; add learning content section; Testing and exercising tool; Publishing and evaluating tests; Form for private messages and communication with members.

    Day 4

    On Day 4, participants were introduced to and worked through the learner module. The agenda for the day included the following topics: User registration and profile creation. Member area with learners information and status – personal and professional data with respective access level; Testing and exercising tool; Form for private messages and communication with members.

    Day 5

    During day 5 of the training, the administration capabilities of the platform were demonstrated and tested. This included the different user types, roles, accessibility and ways to enter and layout training courses and additional information.

    Day 6

    On the last day of the training, the importance of the EU Network for Food Waste Prevention is highlighted. The programme included the following topics: Joining the EU Food Waste Prevention Network. Key aspects and objectives; Cooperation, networking and peer learning activities; The EU Network as a tool to engage different stakeholders and promote new learning opportunities in a digital environment.

    At the end of the event, participants gained a deeper understanding of the multifaceted challenges posed by food waste and were encouraged to use the learning opportunities in a digital environment.
    The participants also received certificates of participation in the training, issued by Level H as the project coordinator.

  • Final transnational project meeting

    The final TPM under the project “HoReCa Zero Waste: Enhancing the Access to OERs and Greening the Curriculum” was held on July 20, 2023, in Marsa, Malta. The host of the meeting was SKILLS ZONE MALTA CO. LIMITED, which welcomed the partners from Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia, and Greece.

    In the first part of the meeting, the participants commented on the implementation of the activities, technical progress, and achieved results. Each of the partner organizations participated in the discussion, giving information about their work.

    Two short video tutorials were presented at the meeting. The videos are intended for the cooking profession and include practices to prevent food waste.

    Version 2 of the platform was peer-reviewed. New functionalities, added language packs, and improved looks were introduced. A tab for direct access to the platform has been added to the project website. The final version of the platform will be approved by partners after adding the training content and tutorial short videos.

  • 3rd Transnational Project Meeting

    3rd Transnational Project Meeting

    The agenda of the meeting included the following topics:

    • Updates of project activities
    • Questionnaires discussion
    • Education resources progress
    • Follow up and plan
    • Discussion: Book dates for next meetings (Malta, Zagreb, Athens)

    During the meeting, a test version of the online platform was presented – a basic scheme of the platform, including modules, fields, options, opportunities.

    The partners discussed the overall look of the platform, and the comments and feedback received will serve to improve its functionality and visibility.

    We also discussed the establishment of an EU network for the prevention of food waste. Our goal is to include additional stakeholders who would support our efforts so far and benefit from the results. We will use the project website as the main platform for disseminating the developed results.

    The last transnational project meeting will be held in July in Lija, Malta.


    INNETICA hosted the 2nd TPM which took place on November 4th, 2022 in Zaragoza, Spain.
    The following topics were included in the agenda of the meeting:

    • Updates of project activities
    • Questionnaires discussion
    • Education resources progress
    • Follow up and plan
    • Discussion: Book dates for next meetings (Malta, Zagreb, Athens)

    The first project result was presented: Review of educational curricula for adaptation of educational content in digital environment.
    Based on a questionnaire, with the active participation of all partners, a document summarizing the results of the study was prepared. The basic survey includes a review and overview of existing curricula in the professions of „Cook“ and „Waiter“, as major professions in the field of personal services. The results of this first phase will be used to develop educational content, adapt it to the digital environment, and integrate it with new waste management training content.
    A methodology for adapting the curriculum is being developed content in the digital environment and its integration with new educational content related to waste management. The document is intended for experts and trainers and will be completed by the end of November.
    Based on the results of Activity 1, the partners will begin the development of:
    Written content, consist of:

    • Trainers guidelines (cook and waiter);
    • Learners guidelines (cook and waiter).

    Video content including tutorial video short movies.

    Following the project schedule, the partners decided that TPM 3 will be held in April, 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia.

  • 1st Transnational Project Meeting

    The first transnational project meeting on the HoReCa Zero Waste Enhancing the access to OERs and greening the curricula project was held on May 14, 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The meeting was organized by the project coordinator – Level H and was attended by representatives of all partners, one of them online.
    It was held with the following agenda:
    – Presentation of project partners
    – Presentation of project activities. Updates.
    – Administrative details
    – Discussion
    – Sharing ideas on development of the educational resources
    – Exchange of know-how

    Participants had the opportunity to present their organization, team, and capacity. This introduction confirmed the fact that the partnership is made up of quality members with extensive experience and also revealed that some partners have more, shared experience that the project can benefit from.
    Project activities, ongoing implementation, and each partner’s tasks and responsibilities were discussed.
    The 2nd TPM is planned for November 04, 2022. According to the project schedule, it will be held in Zaragoza, Spain, and will be hosted by INNETICA.
    After the meeting, the partners were invited to dinner, during which they shared experiences and got to know each other better.